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Please note that we do not ship MCN and other reusable products outside of Australia. Only fabric based purchases. 

Holding orders

If you wish to have an order held to fill a satchel, please select "I need to be manually invoiced" and put a note in your order. You will need to make contact again when you would like your product shipped and pay the shipping balance via Paypal. 

Combining Orders

If on a release night you complete multiple checkouts, your orders will be manually combined and any difference in postage refunded or invoiced. 

How many MCN will fit in a satchel?

500g - up to two 

3kg - up to six

5g - up to twelve

More than 12 MCN will need to be shipped via a box, and will be sent via lowest cost freight option found. 

If you combine MCN and accessories, less items will be able to be posted in your satchel. Website estimates are conservative, any postage overages are refunded upon processing.